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How Gut Flora Can Upgrade Your Energy Levels

If you’ve ever seen an advert for probiotic drinks and yogurts like Activia or Yakult, then you might remember how they portray the effects. After taking their morning scoop of yogurt/probiotic drink, the characters in these ads normally find themselves full of life, energy and optimism. So then the question is: is this really how it plays out? And if so, how? What is Gut Flora? Perhaps a better place to start would be by answering what precisely gut flora is. Specifically then, gut flora refers to […]

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Simple Ways You Can Give Your Body an Energy Boost

Are you starting to feel sluggish? Perhaps it’s getting to 4pm and you’re starting to feel your body slow down. Or maybe you’ve just woken up and you’re struggling to overcome that sleep inertia? What then can you do to wake yourself up and to feel much more invigorated right now? Here are a few tricks you can use to instantly give yourself more energy: Splash Some Cold Water Splashing some cold water on your face can instantly give you an energy boost for a number of […]

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What Would it Feel Like to Have Amazing Levels of Energy?

Too many of us it seems are constantly striving for better energy without even really remembering what great energy levels feel like. Many of us for instance will have strong coffees in a bid to feel energetic. A strong coffee wakes us up in the morning, it gives us focus and it helps us to plough on with the day. Some people will even use stimulants and smart pills these days. Caffeine drinks for instance, or even substances like modafinil. But that feeling is not energy. That […]

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